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"Please be good enough to put your conclusions and recommendations on one sheet of paper in the very beginning of your report, so I can even consider reading it."
Winston Churchill

Please Don't Keep Me a Secret!

Referrals are the lifeblood of AWW's business. Do you have a business associate or colleague that needs our help? You may not be aware of what we do beyond the services that we have tailored for your specific needs. Here is a larger view of what we do and the clients we like to work with:

  • We manage large libraries of documentation by
    • converting them from paper to editable text
    • updating them via scheduled releases
    • providing them to users in printed or electronic formats

  • We write documents that explain how to do things, such as
    • user manuals for equipment and computer programs
    • operating procedures for manufacturers
    • assembly and installation instructions
    • corporate policy and procedure manuals
    • training materials

Our favorite clients are companies whose documentation is regulated or audited by a governing organization and companies who publish the documentation that regulates these other companies. Here are some examples:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Transportation industries (air, rail, truck, and water)
  • Companies wishing to meet ISO 9000 quality standards
  • Companies required to comply with EPA and OSHA regulations
  • Health insurance/health care organizations

We can help these companies by

  • converting documents (hardcopy or electronic) to an editable format with automatically updated cross references, indexes, and tables of content.
  • thoroughly editing documents for technical accuracy, easy readability, and conformance to preferred style.
  • writing documentation for new products and procedures.
  • creating interactive and easy-to-navigate documents in Adobe Acrobat's PDF format.
  • providing version and content control.
  • managing all facets of the production process, including printing, CD design and duplication, fulfillment, and inventory control.

If you know of someone who provides documentation to internal or external clients, please think of AWW the next time you want to do something nice for them. Here is how you can refer someone to AWW:

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Tell them how you think AWW might be able to help. Ask if they'd like AWW's contact information. If yes, tell them to call me at 719-948-3773 and tell them that you'll let us know to expect their call." Phone or email AWW about the incoming referral and brief us about the situation and how you think we can help. We'll let you know the results of the referral.

"Wow, we didn’t know it would have so much information in it! Before we purchased this system, we thought we needed a searchable database. This is so much simpler. Don't get me wrong—it’s great that we can search our new desk reference, but really, we don’t need to. All of the information is so easy to find. They really were serious when they named it the “3-Click Desk Reference.”
Carri Kerr, Team Leader, Rider Service

A Written Word
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