"The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write a book about it."
Benjamin Disraeli (1804–1881)


Here are several projects that represent the diversity of clients and industries that AWW is privileged to work with. If you don't see an example of exactly what you need, please give us an opportunity to talk to you about it.


Technical standards, specifications, and recommended practices

Since 1998 AWW has been responsible for managing the production of technical standards, specifications, and recommended practices that regulate how trains are built, loaded, and operated in the U.S. As a service to the Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (TTCI), AWW provides a turn-key solution by originally digitizing over 30 legacy manuals, providing technical editing and regular updates, managing the typography and page layout for prepress production, and coordinating printing and fulfillment efforts with TTCI’s vendors. AWW provides access to TTCI’s publications via CD and hosted Internet services.

Installation, operation, and maintenance manuals

Atlas Pacific is the world leader of deciduous fruit processing equipment. They manufacture machines to peel, core, and slice apples and pears; de-stone peaches and apricots; and stem cherries. A suite of manuals is required for each machine to describe how to install, operate, and maintain it. Altas Pacific asked AWW to develop these suites of manuals. They are graphics-intensive to enable easy translation and visual clarity for a world-wide audience.

Magazine article—agriculture

Sheep! Magazine is one of only two magazines published in the U.S. that target small-flock sheep producers. Editor Nathan Griffith recognized that many hobby shepherds were confused by the available literature describing the genetics of sheep reproduction. He commissioned A Written Word to translate the language of this highly technical subject into an article that non-scientists could understand. The article was written to help small flock owners build three independent bloodlines from a small flock using only one ram.

Hardware operator's guide

The Operator's Guide for the IBM Network Color Printer is one of three manuals written for this hardware. The format and style of the document conform to IBM's corporate style. It is fully indexed and incorporates detailed technical illustrations. The Human Factors Manager at IBM Printing Systems, Lynda Liebelt, said "I have reviewed a lot of indexes for IBM. The index you wrote for the Network Color Printer Operator's Guide was the best index I've ever reviewed."

Software user guide—hardcopy and online

QualMed, Inc. (an HMO formerly based in Pueblo, CO) developed the QualAssist software application to help its medical management and claims departments track members' health care. This award-winning manual, and its on-line Help version, document all functions of this very complex program. AWW wrote eight other manuals for various departments throughout QualMed between 1995 and 1998. The QualAssist User Guide won third place in the Society for Technical Communication's international publications competition.

Magazine article—technical communication

AWW's principal is very aware of the disastrous consequences that a disabling event her my life could have on her clients. If she were "hit by a bus" so to speak, her clients' production schedules would be disrupted (costing them lost business); they wouldn't know where their current files are; they wouldn't know where to begin to find another writer to help pick up the pieces. AWW wants our clients to depend on us completely for tech writing services, but we believe they bear a disproportionate share of risk in their loyalty to us. The Society for Technical Communication (AWW's professional association) published AWW's article that discusses methods of disaster preparedness and cooperative agreements that should be established with colleagues so that client files and current projects are easily accessible to a replacement writer. AWW hopes that this article helps other independent technical communications professionals better prepare for a disaster.

Quality assurance manual

Industrial Printers, a small and well-respected printing company in Colorado Springs, CO, needed a quality assurance manual to document its printing process. Knowing this would set them well ahead of their competition, they asked AWW to write it based on the exacting standards required of companies wishing to achieve ISO certification. AWW documented all aspects of their production and established a controlled document environment.

Magazine articles—architecture

One of the world's leading architectural firms, Brad Adams Walker Architecture in Denver, CO, asked AWW to write a suite of technical research papers about various aspects of control room design. Brad Adams Walker regularly commissions AWW to write additional articles designed to educate the petrochemical industry about architecture’s role in safe and efficient operation. The most recent was published by Hydrocarbon Processing in 2009.

Wiki-based book

No one knows everything about anything. But by combining many peopleís expertise into one book, a resource is created that contains more information than any one person could write individually. AWW is working with breeders of blackbelly sheep all over the world to collaboratively develop a research tool that combines all of their knowledge into one Web-based E-book. The Blackbelly Sheep Book can be viewed at http://www.blackbellysheepbook.com

Knowledge warehouse

The 3-Click Desk Reference is AWW’s signature product. It is an intranet look-up tool custom built to house all of the information necessary for a company to effectively communicate with its customers and employees.

"...Carol has done a fine job with our technical standards. They existed in various formats...scanned PDFs, Quark, MSWord...and had been modified by dozens of different people over the years. Language wasn't consistent, graphics were often illegible, cross-references were out of date, text was missing, and each book used a different numbering and layout format. She converted 26 books into a consistent library of Adobe FrameMaker files. She imposed consistency on the documents' format and language and created a style guide and production manual for us in the process. She now handles all of the updates, mastering the PDF/CD-ROMs and managing the prepress and printing process."
David Cackovic, Chief -- Technical Standards Transportation Technology Center, Inc., a subsidiary of the American Association of Railroads


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