"If you don't find it in the index, look very carefully through the entire catalogue."
Unknown, Sears, Roebuck, and Co. Consumer's Guide, 1897

An Index Is Not Just Fluff

Your customers depend upon a good index. Whether your product is designed to be read from cover to cover or whether it is a reference tool for those “need-to-know” situations, it must have a good index to make information retrieval successful and efficient.
How many times have you failed to find something that you knew should be in a book?

Don’t do that to your customers!

If they can’t find the information they need, they might never discover how good your product really is.

Most technical writers hate indexing. Why? Well, indexing is one of those compulsive/obsessive, detail things that happens at the end of a project when other deadlines are crowding a writer's sanity. And, it just isn’t as much fun as the writing part.

A Written Word writes excellent indexes...and we enjoy it. We teach our clients to expect an index as part of our documentation package. And if you have documentation that someone didn’t get a chance to adequately index, we do that, too.




"...I have reviewed a lot of indexes for IBM. The index you wrote for the Network Color Printer Operator's Guide was the best index I've ever reviewed."
Lynda Liebelt, Manager, Human Factors, IBM Printing Systems


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