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"Customers are still setting the technology agenda. Not just you, our customers, but your customers as well. What more and more are telling you is what kind of services they need, and how and when they want those services delivered to them. And in fact, that is just the beginning."
Carly Fiorina—1999 Hewlett-Packard Co. president

For Our Clients

This is our communication page for our clients. We invite you to post your feedback to us so that we know how we're doing.

The Client Download Area is where you link to documents awaiting your review.

And we thought you might like some freebies—things that can save you a little time.

How Do We Do That?

Ever wonder how AWW knows how to abbreviate all of those units of measurement? We use several industry style guides, and encourage you to download these free tools and use them yourself. Then you'll know how, too!

NIST International System of Units

Form and Style for ASTM Standards


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